Acupuncture Effectively Treated my Back Pain

acupuncture-for-back-painWorking in the agriculture sector has become fruitful for me because I get to earn enough doing the things that I love, which is farming and everything related about soil and the environment. For many years, I have seen how people in my area get busy with the preparation of land, growing of the crops healthily, and harvesting of the fruits of our labour. To me, life can be very happy this way. However, I started to feel pain in my upper and lower back. If I am right, the pain has become bothersome since two months ago. During the first weeks, I tried to ease the pain using warm bath and light relaxation massage. But during the last two weeks, the pain has become severe that there are nights I find it difficult to sleep. As a result, there are days at work that I feel sleepy and less productive. This pushed me to consider the suggestion of my neighbour. He said that acupuncture for back pain is effective and does wonders to the body.   

One Saturday, while on a break from farm work, I visited my neighbour and asked them more about acupuncture. On our conversation, I learned that it involves the use of very fine, long and sterile needles. These are then inserted to specific points of the body. The points where the needles are to be inserted depend on the health condition of the person.

My neighbour who is also a farm worker told me that his first session of acupuncture is unforgettable because it gave him a very relaxed and calming feeling. He said that was afraid of the thought of so many needles being inserted into the skin. But when he actually experienced it, it was not how he thought it to be. It was not painful. It was like there are light currents of electricity that relaxes the nerves and muscles. His stories got me more interested and excited. Before I left his house, he told me about the acupuncture treatment at Freedom Chinese Medicine. It is where he learned more relevant information about acupuncture. It is also where he had his first session of the traditional Chinese method of healing.    

When I got back home, I reflected upon the conversation I had with my neighbour. I told myself that I should never let the opportunity of trying acupuncture just pass by. Like what he said, it is not painful and actually very relaxing. I followed his advice that I should look for the clinic over the Web to have more knowledge about acupuncture and the Freedom Chinese Medicine’s skilled practitioners. So I went in front of our computer and surfed the Web. I took some time to read about the background of the institution. Because I was happy and satisfied with what I have learned, I scheduled an appointment with them the next day.  

When already inside the clinic, I was a little bit tensed because maybe it was my first time. But then, when the receptionist has greeted me already and welcomed me warmly, the tensions in my body started to subside. Then, I was instructed to follow the practitioner to whom I can consult with. During the consultation, I learned that the body has more than 2,000 points that are all connected by meridians or pathways. These pathways create the smooth flow of Qi or energy. Pronounced as “chee”, Qi is an energy that keeps the normal function of the body. However, when there is imbalance, the body suffers from unhealthy conditions, ailments and diseases. The practitioner clarified to me that the needles, when inserted into the different points, work to restore the balance of Qi inside the body. In this way, any unhealthy condition can be treated gradually and safely. 

I shared my condition that I have been having sever upper and lower back pains, which have been giving me sleepless nights. The acupuncture practitioner gladly showed me the different points of the body where he can insert the needles to help relieve back pains. However, he also pointed out that one session is not enough. I must visit the clinic several times. He also said that I should not abuse my body. I should not overwork it and I must take rests when need. In addition, I should sleep at least eight hours and must follow a healthy diet.

After the first session, I was totally amazed with how I felt. It was like I didn’t feel any pain on my back at all. I felt very loose and relaxed and it seemed like I can do a whole day of work again without getting too tired.  

Now, it’s been a month since I had my first session of acupuncture and I can say that there is a huge difference now. I don’t regret that I tried acupuncture.

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