Beginners Guide to Physical Fitness

When physical fitness comes to mind, there is always the concept of proper diet and exercise. This principle is actually true as it applies to all individuals, both beginners and seasoned health buffs. There are different ways to achieve physical fitness and one thing sure is that perfect results do not come overnight. It is a combination of dedicated work, discipline and a great deal of patience.

Today, many people are concerned about their physical appearance. This includes weight and the totality of their health. Perhaps, the reasons are not only for personal satisfaction but also for the benefit work, publicity or business.

Achieving physical fitness always boils down to the basics. That is being watchful on food intake and engaging into workout activities. Obesity is one significant problem that is prevalent in the global scene and various methods of weight loss are being introduced to address this problem. From diet supplements to work out modules, all these have their own strength of efficiency however, the most important factor towards all these regimen is attitude. Hence, discipline is key.

It is worth noting that diet and exercise must work hand in hand. There a questions bugling many individuals today such as this – “will I be able to lose weight by eating a little amount of food and not do exercise”? or the other way around – “will I be able to lose weight by eating a lot and burning them through exercise”? The answer here is both ‘yes’ and ‘no’. There are instances when little food without exercise works because some dieters barely have the time workout therefore they only focus on proper nutrition. Yet, such routine is effective. They can actually reduce weight and become physically fit.

On the other hand, some individuals tend to lose weight without reducing their food intake and spend plenty of time for exercise (although success rate is not always the same). Again, this idea can be effective to some but not all. The reason here is because the body responds differently to the elements of fitness. People are created with different metabolic functioning and anatomical structure. These are the factors considered in acquiring fitness regimen. At the onset, it is only a physician who can tell which intervention applies best to your body condition in order to conquer physical fitness.

Moving on, let’s learn about the steps in reaching this main goal – physical fitness.


If you want to achieve physical fitness successfully, you have to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally. It all begins with mindset. Many people love the idea of getting physically fit but they always forget about this first step. At the end of the day, physical fitness resulted into failure. Setting your mind means you have to understand the need to become fit. You have to commit yourself into it by practicing discipline in all aspects – improving on your eating habits, incorporating exercise in your daily routine, getting right amount of sleep and others. Perhaps the best way to do this is to talk to yourself and respond positively. It is certainly hard, but when you take the first stride, everything follows smoothly. For sure, you will encounter many barriers and obstacles along the way, but your mindset will save you from all these variables. You just have to put discipline on top of everything.

Engagement to Fitness Program

When you want to engage in a program, such as a workout module or fitness class, follow the steps religiously and never skip sessions. The continuity of working out will lead you to an easier weight management. Think about the time and money you lose when you delay workout classes. In that way, you become more motivated to exercise. If you want to have a cost-effective workout session, you can use a DVD and use the living room as your platform. If budget isn’t a constraint, hiring a fitness instructor or enrolling in a fitness gym at St Kilda Road is a brilliant idea.  

Controlled Food Intake

The same applies when it comes to nutrition. Actually, improvement in eating is simple. You just have to eliminate the junk food and be accustomed to fruits, vegetables and other nutritious food products. If damping high-calorie food breaks your heart, then take it one step at a time. Gradually reduce the intake of these foodies and slowly replace them with healthy snacks. Take note that starvation is not the solution. Eating the right amount of food at the right time will help improve your metabolism. Therefore, be very watchful of what you eat.


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